Elevate the spirit of unity with Drum Circle Pune. Also, experience our Boomwhackers and Body Percussion sessions.

Drum Circle

Unique facilitation techniques

Suitable for all your occasions

Skill and profile-neutral experience

Suitable for all age groups

High Energy, High Impact Experience

Customizable for specific outcomes

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Frequently Asked Questions

We operate in the city of Pune; however, do check out our other website, www.drumcircle.co.in for the rest of the locations within India

The Drum Circle activity is a dynamic, rhythmic experience where participants come together to create music using hand drums, a west African percussion instrument called the ‘djembe’. It is a harmonious blend of teamwork, rhythm, and fun, making it an ideal choice for team-building events.

Our sessions in Pune and other cities are designed to accommodate various group sizes, ranging from an intimate team of 15 people to a larger gathering of 2000 and beyond. We ensure a memorable and active experience for every participant.

The Drum Circle activity is perfect for any corporate occasion, like team-building events or offsite conferences, as well as for any social gathering or celebration.

The commercials for booking a drum circle activity depend on various variables such as the number of participants, location in the city of Pune or outskirts, logistics, facilitation, number of sessions or batches, other miscellaneous overheads, etc. After consideration of the above variables, our team of experts arrives at a cost. Hence, there is no fixed price or package for the Drum Circle and other similar activities. Feel free to get in touch with us for the commercials.

The duration of the drum circle activity depends upon the time the group has at hand and, somewhat on occasion, the setup that is there. We recommend a minimum duration of 30 to 45 minutes for a good experience; however, we can also stretch the same up to an hour or so.

We get the drums, a.k.a., djembes (7 to 8 inches in diameter), for you at the venue of your choice. What we need from you is an appropriate seating arrangement. Another important aspect is that, depending on the number of participants as well as the nature of the venue, certain specific audio technical support is essential, like speakers, mixers, specific microphones, etc. Drum circles can be conducted in closed banquets and ballrooms, in open spaces, on side office premises, and in the groom’s procession at weddings.

   Absolutely! Drum Circle is highly customizable. Whether you have specific team-building goals or want to align the session with a particular theme, we work closely with you to tailor the experience. This ensures that your Drum Circle activity is not just an activity but also aligns perfectly with your objectives

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